SOVEMA S.p.a’s Management, based on its certainty that it is essential to operate in a systematic way in terms of safety at work and product quality, has adopted such a system for managing those important subjects, which, day after day, is becoming an integral part of its standards in working organisation and development programs.

Within this path the Management is committed to addressing, as a priority and in a systematic way, the complete aspects on health and safety at work as well as product quality, in all its activities and evaluations concerning the future company planning.
Moreover, Sovema S.p.a’s Management is committed to organize its own structure so that everyone is involved and participates, each according to its own abilities and skills, in pursuit of the objectives set forth in terms of quality and protection on health and safety at work.

Specifically, the Management considers the following development company guidelines a key target:

  • to keep a constant compliance with the product standards and regulations as of health and safety in the workplace;
  • to continuously improve the product quality, the customer service (speed of delivery and responses according to customer needs) as to satisfy customers and at the same time establishing a partnership with them, rather than being a mere supplier;
  • to develop new solutions and conceive new products to continuously meet the specific customer requirements, making entry into new markets and new sales areas.
  • to improve the production techniques as to improve the product.
  • to improve the management system as to improve the production and organization method.
  • to improve the management system as to improve the product output and  reduce its non-compliance.
  • to ensure that the information on the corporate risks and the measures on prevention and protection is distributed to all workers to the maximum extent; that the training of the workers is carried out, repeated and up-dated with special reference to the duties performed and the promotion of the awareness on the agreed prevention strategies;
  • to ensure consultation of workers, preferentially through their representative for Safety, about the choices and the key issues on safety and health at work.
  • to ensure that all workers are trained, informed and made aware about the development of the tasks they are assigned as for safety and health at work.
  • to pledge that the entire company structure contributes, each function  according to its specific assignments and abilities, to achieving the goals in terms of safety and health at work, which the Management is committed to establish and spread along with the related planning, and particularly as regards the improvement of the legal aspects at safety.
  • to pledge that any equipment engineering, plant and tool engineering, as well as each workplace, operational and organizational method are achieved compatible and consistent with the safeguard of safety and health of the workers, subcontractors and in general, of the complete community the company is integrated within.
  • to promote the identification and consequent accurate analysis of the issues and the eventual needs that might come to light during the work activities, each time undertaking the most appropriate actions in terms of in-depth analysis and improvement.
  • to promote the cooperation and partnership with the business and union associations, jointly with the public appointed outer Corporations.
  • to put first all precautionary actions, including the internal investigations on potential risks regarding the safety and health of the workers, in order to drastically reduce the odds of accident and injury occurrence or other non-conforming conditions.

The Sovema S.p.a.’s Management is committed to constantly supervise the fulfilment conditions of the management system, for identifying any amendment/improvement possibility and, at the same time, checking the correct and efficient participation of the whole company structure.
Moreover, the Management is committed to yearly check the present company policy on the occasion of the Management Review and to formulate precise and countable objectives directed to ensure the achievement of the pre-set purposes, based on the present company policy, in order to continuously improve both its organisation and the entire company.

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